Investor Bitcoin Announces Candidacy for U.S. Presidency

One of the most controversial characters and, at the same time, an important investor in Bitcoin, Brock Pierce, has announced his candidacy for president of the United States. According to the media, and Pierce himself, his intention is clear: the use of technology in his management.

The former actor assures that, with the use of the most recent technological tools, his management will strengthen the institutions and improve the quality of life of the people.

The intentions of this Bitcoin investor to become president of the United States were announced shortly after rapper Kanye West did the same. Dozens of Bitcoin enthusiasts have expressed their support for the „cowboy“ of cryptology.

A management based on the use of technology

According to Pierce’s statement in a promotional video posted on his YouTube account, his management would be focused on the latest technology. It would be aimed at developing and improving all areas that are currently not competent.

„We must embrace technology rather than fear it. If our government used 21st century technology, all those stimuli and unemployment checks could have reached the people who need them much sooner,“ explains the former actor in the promotional video for his campaign.

He also believes that hope is not enough in a year (2020) full of problems for the world. It should be noted that, since March, the United States has suffered the fierce attacks of the Coronavirus pandemic. At the time of writing, the death toll in that country is over 130,000 people.

As a consequence of COVID-19, the economy of the American country has been strongly affected. The actions of the current government have been tainted by inefficiency, as well as irresponsible statements that have further promoted uncertainty.

Similarly, police abuse against people of color, among other problems, assures Bitcoin’s investor in the aforementioned promotional video for his campaign, will be addressed.

Bitcoin investor Brock Pierce is president of the Bitcoin Foundation and participates in other projects related to cryptomonies.

What do the U.S. presidential candidates think about Bitcoin?

A Bitcoin investor as president
Pierce, who in addition to being president of the Bitcoin Revolution Foundation, is co-founder of, would take steps to clarify the status of the most important cryptomoney. As you know, Bitcoin’s situation in the United States is little more than a blur.

As for using a digital currency that would guarantee to maintain the declining economic strength of the dollar, the Bitcoin investor was precise. He believes that to maintain the old monetary system, is to leave the field to other nations to make use of the technology.

Politicians, such as Senator Tom Cotton, believe that the dollar as it stands will defeat both Bitcoin and China’s Digital Yuan. In contrast, Pierce says, „Technology is a solution, which must be used proactively,“ while at the same time commenting, „What served us in the past will not serve us in the future.

Kanye West, a Bitcoin lover, is running for president of the United States.

A candidate not without problems

The accusations of some of his former employees could be a negative factor in his campaign. It should be noted that Pierce has been the subject of some child abuse lawsuits for years.

Some of these, specifically from the Digital Entertainment Network video business, claimed that Pierce forced them to use drugs. In addition, they accuse him of having pressured them to have sex when they were minors. Pierce denied these accusations.

Some of the allegations against the Bitcoin investor, which could definitely taint his announcement as a presidential candidate, date back to 2010.