Bitcoin continues to break record levels against at least nine world currencies as its price in US dollars approaches USD 20,000.

Bitcoin (BTC) is only a few thousand dollars away from its all-time high of nearly $20,000. While much of the cryptomoney industry is watching the price action of Bitcoin in US dollar terms, however, BTC has already achieved historically high prices relative to many other world currencies.

In a tweet on 22 October, Alistair Milne mentioned seven Bitcoin Rush countries where Bitcoin had already reached an all-time high against those counties‘ native fiat currencies. In the same tweet, he said that Colombia and Russia would soon join the list.

Bitcoin price reaches new record in these 7 countries
Bitcoin recently surpassed its all-time high against the Russian rouble earlier this month. The asset also broke its record against the Colombian peso a few weeks ago, completing the list, except for its closing tweet comment, which predicted that „all other fiat currencies“ would follow.

In terms of US dollars, Bitcoin has soared in recent weeks, leaving little room between its price at the time of publication of $17,267 and its famous level of $20,000.

Bitcoin reaches an all-time record for the Russian rouble
Bitcoin reached an all-time high of 62,102,236 Colombian pesos in the last 24 hours. Its previous peak in 2017 was 58,226,376. The peso broke that level for the first time on 6 November 2020, reaching 59,543,988 before falling back.

The leading crypto also surpassed its previous highest price level relative to the Brazilian real, the Turkish lira, the Argentine peso, the Sudanese pound, the Angolan kwanza, the Zambian kwacha and the Russian rouble, as verified by information on the Xe data site.

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Venezuela, however, shows charts for two major bolivar currencies: VES and VEF. The sovereign bolivar, or VES, took prominence in the country in 2018. The VES replaced the Venezuelan bolivar fuerte, or VEF. VES shows Bitcoin at record prices. VEF does not, although Bitcoin has continued to climb the charts.

Venezuela has received a notable adoption of Bitcoin after massive inflation hit the region.